New Poem
New Poem!

New poem on the Thunder Mesa sirs and peeps and whatever you should read it.

It’s called I Think.


This is the title of my newest story.  Enjoy.

New Story

New story on Thunder Mesa.  ”You’re Free to Go.”  Enjoy.

New Post!

That story, the one I talked about, I just posted it!  Check it out!  And don’t forget to read part 1 first.  This Is The Night Shift.

I’m excited

Hey peeps. I post almost every week once I’ve written and posted a new story for my other blog. I just finished a two part story called “This Is The Night Shift.” I posted the first half last week and I’m going to post the second part tomorrow.

The point is, I’m excited. I’m really happy with this one. I enjoy writing adventure stories and this one reminded me of that fact.

Anyway, I hope you like it, if you read it. Part 1 is already up, so feel free to read that one in preparation.

Thanks for following.


I keep posting stories every week on the blog I made for that purpose.

My stories don’t turn out as good as I want them to, the platform I use is extremely limited, the programming prevents proper editing, my computer keyboard malfunctions often as I write, the hit-counter doesn’t work, and the stories are getting too long and I’ve asked and nobody seems to read them.

But I’m writing.

When you write …

Think of your writing as directed towards no one but you when it comes to audience, and anyone but you when it comes to quality.  That way you don’t have to impress anybody.  Even yourself.

Gilligan’s Island

NEW STORY!  New post on Thunder Mesa.  It’s part II of a story, so if you want part I scroll down and read it and part II will make much more sense.

New story. Tomorrow.

I’m posting my next story tomorrow on

It’s the next in the Rosco Park series.  If you’re interested, the first 3 can be found on the blog (Super Soak; Rosco and the Tuggernauts; Happy Birthday, Harris Ashford).

Please read and if you do, please give me positive AND negative feedback.  Thanks peeps.